The impact of the standby consumption in a Passive House - Homegrid

Abril 02, 2016

According to the International Energy Agency, by 2030, 15% of the total appliance electricity consumption in Europe could be due to standby functions [IEA, 2013].

In the first certified Passive House in Portugal, electricity is the only source of energy and the most efficient appliances and devices in the market were chosen. With a treated floor area of 223 m2, the PHPP 2007 results were: a specific space heating demand of 7 kWh(m2a); a heating load of 10 W/m2; a cooling load of 4 W/m2; and a specific primary energy demand of 67 kWh(m2a). The total electricity demand is 5765 kWh, or 26 kWh/(m2a) of specific demand. In 2014 the electricity consumption measured was 4608 kWh/a [Marcelino & Gavião, 2014].

This paper analyses the impact of the standby consumption in this Passive House discussing how can it be mitigated and how this problem can be avoided in future.
Fonte: 20th International Passive House Conference Proceedings

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