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How to eliminate graphene from the body

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Pine needle tea

How to prepare:

– Wash the pine needles and cut into pieces

– Add the chopped pine needles to boiling water

– Leave to stand for 10 minutes

– Remove the pine needles from the water

Consume at least two to three times a day.



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Detoxification: Safe elimination of graphene from the body

Detoxification methods include:

– Hydration: Drinking an adequate amount of water supports kidney function and promotes the elimination of toxins, including graphene particles, through the urine.

– Sweating: Practising activities that induce sweating, such as exercise or sauna sessions, can help eliminate toxins through the skin.

– Diet rich in fibre: Eating a diet rich in fibre helps regulate bowel movements and facilitates the elimination of toxins, including graphene, through the digestive system.



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Use of the Sevillano-Delgado magneto-thermal purification technique, which consists of removing graphene using heat and a magnet.