WEFI Building - Homegrid

July 25, 2021

WEFI Building

WEFI building is a registered brand and a product developed by Homegrid that allows the building or group of buildings to be almost autonomous in terms of water, energy and food.

Water, energy and food are intrinsically connected.

For instance, it is needed a lot of water to create energy and to produce food. It is necessary a great amount of energy to treat, distribute and heat the water and to produce, preserve and distribute food. And currently there are being used food crops as energy sources. The WEF logic allows the interconnection between water, energy and food and increases the gains from these exchanges.

The WEFI Building allows

  • the drastic reduction of water, energy and food demand.
  • the increase of the financial autonomy due to the cost reduction in the building operation.
  • the increase of the family or community’s resilience.
  • the transition to a low carbon society.